Get out of the Sandwich Trap with 50plus!

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Kerstin Grenzau - Your Life Coach for for generation 50plus
Kerstin Grenzau - Your Life Coach for generation 50plus
Fulfill your needs and feel the release with 50plus

My solution: Explore your needs as to how you are actually dealing with them and your emotions with this handling.
Dissolve what is suppressing them and not fulfilling them sufficiently by approaching your needs and emotions.

I offer you the space to do this - you explore whether your own needs are given the space they need to unfold, and how your emotions behave when your needs are suppressed.

During this process of slow exploration, you will sense what is getting in your way of fulfilling your desires, what mechanisms and strategies are still working and promoting the suppression of your needs.


Most of the time these are old experiences that still stand in your way today. Meeting these blockages from present awareness of the adult can loosen and dissolve these old experiences in the here and now, and thus also your sandwich positions.

No more getting caught up in the sandwich effects!


Identify and manifest your needs

Because one thing is certain: Running away from yourself and the getting older is not a solution. It doesn't change anything and doesn't offer an exit from the mental chatter. Instead, you approach your needs and emotions to get back your


This means self-responsibility and the ability to follow your heart and your desires - no matter what external circumstances affect you or how you have been shaped.


Sandwich Position: Your needs vs. the needs of others

In business, everyone knows it - the challenge of the middle manager of being between the demands from above and below. And somewhere his own needs ...

Exactly - the sandwich trap exists in all areas, especially in private life situations, where it is always about fulfilling or not fulfilling our own needs vs. the needs of others. It's just that most people don't perceive it as a sandwich position.

With 50plus we are in a special kind of sandwich position. We find ourselves emotionally and also in our (physical) capacity somewhere between the "young and the old". We no longer, or not yet, feel that we belong to either one group or the other.


In our daily routine, our own desires often take a back seat and emotions are given too little space. Consequently, we lose the connection to ourselves, no longer feel what we need, instead dissatisfaction and pressure are increasing.


Old experiences can prevent us from feeling what we need

For example, some people tend to please others first before they can think of themselves. That's what they are used to and have adapted from early childhood.


It is not the memories - it is the early learned adaptations that hinder us in the here and now.
Everyone forms these to cope with when needs have not been adequately met.


Thus, in the end, it is not about our needs vs. those of others.

It is rather

  • the old experiences on the one hand and
  • our authentic being and self-determination on the other.

Freeing ourselves from this means knowing our needs and giving them space!
Then we have a choice. We don't have to, but we can engage with the needs of others.

Carrying out changes to fulfil your needs is not about
throwing away your base and thus your safety! You stand firmly on your ground. From there you can manifest your transformation and discover new possibilities.

Fancy what's possible when you are no longer standing in your own way!
Trust me - it feels like coming home...


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Federleicht - mit 50plus ein veränderter Umgang mit den Emotionen
Fulfill your needs and dissolve Sandwich Position with 50plus

My offer

Initial Meeting

Clarify questions, expectations and objectives; get a feeling for my method

Single Session


Your exploration of one Sandwich Position and the prevailing emotions in it



You check all areas of your life where you face the Sandwich Position and resolve them




Manifestation of your needs and put into practice what you have been longing for (heartfelt wish, project, anything...)

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