Initial Meeting & Single Session

Get a first impression of your Sandwich Positions


Your first meeting provides orientation. You gain impressions of me and my method.

We clarify any question you may have.

Along the way, we'll check how chemistry
fits between us 😉


You get a first emotional impression of your sandwich traps - we look at the area of your life where you actually feel the most burden. And how your emotions relate to it.

Then we look at what you want. Is there a sandwich trap you want to look at or better the whole variety?



Price & Procedure

  • Initial meeting is free of charge
  • Max 30 minutes
  • By phone or video call



Single Coaching Session

Exploration of a Sandwich Position and its prevailing emotions


Where are you struggling most right now? No matter how old you are or how you feel.


In a single coaching session I offer you the space to tune in to what you need and what stands in your way.


Blockage Release

You may encounter obstacles during your exploration. Often these are old survival styles that are no longer effective and are actually blockages that prevent us from following our hearts‘ desires and needs.


I support you in feeling these blockages: Where do they originate? Do you really still need to adhere to them today, as an adult?


This exploration opens up access to alternative options for dealing with your emotions and previous mental chatter.

Old experiences and patterns can loosen and even dissolve, and the associated counter-reactions no longer have to kick in.


Price & Procedure

  • 1 session about 60 - 90 minutes
  • Messenger contact to support you after the session
  • Fee: 119,- € incl. VAT


Manifestation Coaching online or in personal contact at my Life Coach Praxis in Röhrmoos