Releasing blockages and fulfilling your needs

You take a close look at your Sandwich traps in your life

Only YOU can free yourself from these sandwich traps and release blockages!

Together we look at every situation in your life.

At the beginning of each session you check which one is calling you the most, e.g. where does the fear of getting older pinch the most? Why does it pinch at all?

I give you the support to explore what your heart's desire is.

I invite you to trace the sandwich trap and explore what you need and what hinders you.


Blockage releasing

Most of the time it is the old experiences that still prevent you from fulfilling your needs today.

Facing these obstacles from the perspective and awareness of the adult can loosen and dissolve the old experiences in the here and now - releasing blockages.


During this process, you discover alternative options for dealing with your emotions and mental chatters.
Gradually, you internalise that it is not the getting older or the fear of it that gets in the way of fulfilling your needs.

What really sucks is not being able to deal with it. In the long run, we cannot escape our feelings.


Personal development

Gradually, you examine the suppressed needs in your life, related emotions and release them.
Gradually, you make it right for YOU. You can determine how you deal with the wishes and expectations of others instead of serving automatically old survival styles.

In this way, a new self-image of your possibilities manifests for more "joy of life"!


Maybe you discover talents and desires that you didn't allow yourself before and that were buried under old survival styles.


You gain zest for life and energy. 50plus is not the end!

The best thing about it - whatever changes you do, your fundament is strong and you can build on it!
Because it serves your basis and supports you.

Life Coaching in Röhrmoos in personal contact


  • Allow 60 minutes per session to explore your needs.

  • Support between sessions:

    If you feel an emergency - you are sitting between two chairs again, your anger can't find an outlet: I am there!

  • Your advantage of choosing a coaching package - it is a binding YES to yourself and your own needs. You stay on top of your issues for an easier life.
Manifest your needs and wishes

Delivery Period

  • Typically your journey takes
    3 – 6 months

  • 6 – 10 meetings have proven successful

  • My recommendation is 1 - 2 meetings per month, bookable via my
    Online Calendar
  • Charge: 1.169,- € incl. VAT
Mosaic Art that support personal potential unfolding

Add On

Mosaic kit incl. wood template

Creating something new and beautiful out of old and broken pieces that suits YOUR needs. Therefor I'm giving you a Mosaic Kit to accompany your process.

The idea is to inspire you and engage: How do you imagine your life in lightness ? How does your personal mosaic (self) picture look like?


Maybe you're up for life, but not for "tinkering"? :) That's okay, too. It can support your process - it doesn't have to! :)


I strongly recommend that you don't speed up the process of exploring your needs and the required the changes. Please take your time. I understand that you want to get over it with as fast as possible because you want make your life become easier very soon. But from my perspective and experience, it always takes capacity and time for a new consciousness to unfold and manifest.

Manifestation Coaching online or in personal contact at my Life Coach Praxis in Röhrmoos