Sandwich Position Resolutions - My offer

from first meeting appointment to tap your full potential

What's in it for you?

My offer: Initial meeting to check chemistry, single sessions or coaching packages for Sandwich resolutions, available in personal contact at my Life Coach Praxis in Röhrmoos (greater Munich area) or online sessions!


A first impression for your Sandwich traps

Initial Meeting

You get a first feeling for your Sandwich situation(s).
You explore where
your needsactually take up too much or too little space

Single Session with Manifestation Coaching

Single Session

Kind of SOS offer – I give you assistance to get out of a Sandwich trap where you are actually stuck emotionally. 

While exploring, you discover alternatives for dealing with the situation.
This makes it feel lighter and free.

Manifest your needs with 50plus



You know your needs and resolve the Sandwich Positions! You release potential and desires that were buried under old patterns for a long time. New possibilities manifest that comes along with relief and groove.

Manifest your desires and vision and realize it



You gain a new
self-perception of your potential and turn it into actions, nourished by  vitality, energy and a better quality of life.
Feels like coming home!


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