Mosaic Art that supports personal development

Creating new form old - Break a thing, mend your luck

During a life crisis, a few years ago, I discovered mosaic art for myself. At that time, I felt that my life had also been shattered into pieces. Today, I am no longer surprised that I found my way to this art.


Because symbolically, the breaking of shards means that something old, which has had its day, is being destroyed. When I acknowledge that I always lose what no longer belongs to me, I can shape with both hands what is true now. Old strategies and patterns may be let go of (destroyed) in order to start into a new, lighter time.


Personal development supported by Mosaic Art

Synchronicity happens when something is ripe inside and is mirrored on the outside. We often perceive this as a crisis, because the high points and turning points on the outside initially present themselves to us as a dangerous development that we cannot cope with at the moment. This change may be overwhelming for us.


My mosaic lamps and their warm, indirect light also support my clients and me during our coaching sessions. Clients tell me that the glow of some of the glass colours touched and supported them particularly during their inner process work, and had a soothing and relaxing effect on them.

If you have booked a 'Coaching Package', I will give you a mosaic kit to create a new picture of your future. This supports your inner process - how do you imagine your relief? Please understand it as a sign and reminder of your decision to listen to your needs and follow them instead of serving old survival styles.


Each mosaic lamp is unique like YOU! The lamp's colours and facets cannot be produced twice in the same way.


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