Implementation of your wishes

A new self-image of your possibilities

This coaching package can be chosen following the "Manifestation" process.

When you're through it, you know how your needs and you have identified and implemented appropriate actions.


You feel the relief from uncertainty and dissatisfaction. No more hiding or suppressing your needs.
You noticeably gain time and energy for a better quality of life, because you can use the time for yourself in a meaningful way.


Becoming aware of your potential and realising it

Relieved and with more joy of life, you may (re)discover forgotten or new desires. Maybe hopes and dreams show up again that were given up.

If we cannot express our talents and longings, something in us atrophies.


Every human being has many talents inside themselves, as well as the longing to use and express them!

If nothing stands in our way, we are motivated and can go in the direction life is calling us.
With less baggage on our shoulders, this also helps to improve our physical well-being!

As a life coach, I accompany you through the realization of your vision and support you in finding solutions for the practical implementation of your heart's desires.


If you just want to get started with the realisation of your project, you can of course jump straight into the "implementation" coaching package.


Implement your wishes that have already alive


  • Allow 90 minutes per meeting.

  • Between the workshops:

    Exchange and feedback to support your progress via mail or messenger.

  • Your advantage of choosing a coaching package - it is a binding YES to your project. You stay on top of your vision and its realization.

Delivery Period

  • The package includes 6 workshops

  • My recommendation is 1 - 2 meetings per month, bookable via my
    Online Calendar
  • Charge: 1.469,- € incl. VAT

  • In case your project requires extended support, you can book additional single sessions according to your needs.
Mosaic lamps that create a beautiful atmosphere in your home

Add On

Mosaic lamp of your choice regarding
shape & colour - a companion full of light for your changed, inner home!

It's unique - like YOU!

Manifestation Coaching online or in personal contact at my Life Coach Praxis in Röhrmoos