Disclaimer - Responsibilities

Coaching is an individual process-oriented type of counselling to support, promote and develop individuals.
Coaching is always a voluntary process, which is also supported by yourself actively and self-responsibly.

The goal of the joint work is to improve the capacity to act by promoting self-reflection and perception, awareness, sense of value and responsibility.

You have to decide and act yourself in your professional and private life contexts!
A coach can only help you to reflect or "test" your decisions and actions afterwards or in advance.


Coaching is not psychotherapy

Coaching is not a replacement for a diagnosis or treatment by a doctor, psychotherapist or alternative practitioner.


Coaching is not psychotherapy – i.e. it is not a treatment for psychological ailments and disorders - and cannot replace psychotherapy!

Neither a diagnosis nor a treatment, therapy or a promise of healing take place in the context of coaching.


Your Responsibilities

As my client, you are fully responsible for your own physical and mental health, both during and between sessions.

As my client, you affirm that you do not suffer from any illness that impairs your legal capacity or that currently prevents counselling for medical-psychological reasons. You are mentally healthy and do not take any psychotropic drugs.