Expert for dissolving Sandwich Positions

Dissolve Sandwich traps and manifest your needs with 50plus
Kerstin Grenzau



"The key to staying emotionally young and growing old serenely lies in accessing repressed needs and emotions."


I am Kerstin und expert for

dissolving Sandwich Positions



Dissolving Sandwich traps for an authentic being

Of course, I have encountered many Sandwich traps in my life, too. Little by little I met them. And I keep discovering new ones. The variety is simply too big and is always referring to the question - how do I care for myself without being seen as an egoist or putting my needs at the back?

You need to find the right balance. I can only find it if I feel what I need and dissolve what prevents me from following my needs. Then I can show others what is important to me - showing ME.

Old survival styles and shame lay over this project. That's why it was very difficult for me. However, only because of this personal development an authentic being and revealing towards beloved people could grow.


I show myself with all my needs. They are all allowed - and these beloved people are still by my side! :)
Therein lies the most beautiful, new experience for me! It creates closeness where distance used to build up because old survival styles took hold.


personal Potential growth

Working with me means, you will at some point stumble upon one of my talents that manifested during a particular crisis in my life. At the latest when you decide to work with me and choose one of the coaching packages😊 - the art of mosaic.

For me, mosaic means creating something new and beautiful out of old or broken pieces. Thus, a synonym for my coaching method, with which you let go old experiences and manifest new possibilities.


Resolve Blockages

A special sandwich position I experienced affected my job. After 2 years of growing dissatisfaction in my job, I realized that this supporting pillar of my life was under review. My outside promptly resonated with it. My company announced a 20% staff reduction.


There it was the sandwich trap: the old, familiar security vs. the new, that came along with uncertainty and a great longing for fulfilment. I met my emotions that interfered the change. By doing this I could manifest a long cherished-desire.
With 50plus I dared to take the step into self-employment as a life coach.


Self-awareness with NARM™

I couldn’t achieve this on my own, but through NARM based counselling (Neuro Affective Relational Model by Dr. Laurence Heller). I gained the necessary insight and support.


In numerous self-awareness sessions as part of my path and education, I was able to understand how I became the person I am today. I was able to explain mental and physical phenomena which until now were perceived or seen as self-inflicted and an expression of lack of effort. It was very unpleasant to face the shame that lay above it.

But the most important thing is - I was not only able to understand, but to dissolve patterns.


More than just ONE liberation!

Hence, I can reconfirm from the bottom of my heart - things are looking up at 50plus! :)


 Some insights to my personal needs:


Follow your heart and needs :)

What makes my work and me special

My positive view of people and non-judgmental COACHING attitude

Coupled with the deep knowledge that


  • within each of us lies the capacity for development and growth, as well as the potential to be happy, free and able to love.

  • every human being acts for subjectively good reasons, because he/she wants to live and survive.

  • we can break away from certain strategies and self-images that we have acquired in the course of our lives - because we are not born with them.



On a personal level, I bring in 30 years of inner process work in coaching and (trauma) therapy (NARM™ and Somatic Experience). I worked for many years as a trainer and seminar leader in a large international company.


The basis for my method is the education as be³® - Coach NARM based
by Karin Intveen. NARM™ incorporates modern, scientific findings from brain, trauma and attachment research. The concern of NARM
is: Deepen the connection with yourself, your feelings, your body and your vitality. Like the contact with others, this is our deepest need and our greatest challenge in life.

Helping people out of their sandwich trap is a matter of personal importance.
I've had many companions who helped me to manifest my desires and who inspired me a lot. Now I want to pass on this support to anyone who wants to accept it.

Free yourself from your sandwich trap!

Manifestation Coaching online or in personal contact at my Life Coach Praxis in Röhrmoos


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